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Messing about on the … Canal

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April/May 2016

We managed a few weekend and day trips during the last month, starting with the trip to collect City of Durham from Canal Cruising at Stone.

On this visit we had a small number of maintenance tasks and repairs. Firstly, we needed a new alternator fitted for the domestic batteries. We decided to upgrade this to a more powerful one, on the basis that the batteries would charge a little quicker.

Then we wanted an uprated silencer fitted to the Eberspacher heater. We have been conscious of how noisy this is in operation, and it puts us off from using it in the Marina, or if we are moored close to other boats. As it is our only form of heating on the boat, this needed to be addressed.

Finally we wanted the additional water filler point that we had put in actually connected up. The position of the existing filler is about a third of the way along the port side gunwale. This means that if the tap is on the wrong side, someone has to creep down the gunwale, undo the cap at their feet, and insert the hose end, without losing the cap, key or themselves into the canal! It should have been a simple task to add an additional filling point on the other side of the boat, and we had asked Chirk Marina to do this before we picked up the boat when we bought it. Unfortunately they were unable to source the correct size of hose before we needed to bring it home.

We were interested to see how much difference all these works would make. Certainly the heating is much quieter, and it is good to have the new alternator, but time will tell if the new filler point is as useful as it looks!

We had an uneventful trip back to Great Haywood, mooring overnight at our usual spot at Burston.

We had a trip out to Acton Trussell with Lindsay for a day. It was really windy and we passed through a huge deluge on our way past Milford. We did however manage to wind at the Moat House without breaking down this time!

Rob and Lindsay have now brought their own boat, Lakeland Belle, back to moor at Great Haywood. So we had a trip down to Rugeley with both boats, and overnighted at Rugeley Aqueduct. It was really warm on the Sunday when we returned to Great Haywood, and we moored opposite Shugborough Hall for lunch.

The following weekend we took both boats up to Stone for the weekend. It is rather fun travelling together. The locks space us about 10 or 15 minutes apart, but when we reach our destination we can all get together for refreshments, and to compare notes.

The next big event for us will be the Birmingham Canal Navigations 24 hour marathon at the end of the month. Preparations are well under way, and we should have a good crew for this epic adventure.!